About Us


TGR INVESTMENTS (TGR) is a privately owned company founded by its principal, Roberto J. Alfonso, with an impressive and successful track record in the development of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) projects in Puerto Rico. TGR is the holding company of affiliates entities which in turn are the owners, managing members and developers of a repertoire of residential and low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) developments. TGR is deeply committed to enhance the quality of life of the senior citizen’s population in Puerto Rico. Our projects, The Golden Residences @ The Village and The Golden Residences @ Floral Park, raised the bar in the affordable rental housing market, through its architecture, quality of materials, amenities and activities usually seen in up-scale private residential projects while maintaining its economic feasibility. The Owner’s vision was to create tastefully designed landmark destinations that blends eco-friendly architectural designs with state of the art amenities. The result of our vision was the creation of The Golden Residences, the product of years of careful and meticulously planning, researching, designing and developing the ultimate brand in excellence and quality in the low income rental housing for the elderly in Puerto Rico.

 TGR has carefully assembled the best development team possible, gathering key players and consultants with many years of experience successfully developing, managing, constructing, financing and/or counseling private residential developments as well as affordable housing tax credit projects. This elite team has ensured the successful completion of the project’s construction, its rent up and stabilization, its compliance with the pertinent federal and state laws, rules, regulations and ordinances, its continuing compliance with the project’s operating agreement and the fulfillment of the debt service obligations with the financing institutions. This team has successfully eliminated the limited partners, investors and financing institution’s risk of default or recapture of their equity and debt financing.

Roberto J. Alfonso, Principal and CEO, is a residential real estate developer and attorney at law with over a decade of development experience and over twenty-one (21) years of professional expertise in the legal and financial aspects of the business. Mister Alfonso has been involved in high rise condominium and single family residential developments in Puerto Rico and has led his companies to astonishing growth during the past ten (10) years with over 50 million dollars and 500,000 square feet of inventory constructed, sold and/or rented.

Mister Alfonso has a proven ability to build first rate teams by recruiting top caliber personnel, as evidenced in the development team of every project the firm gets involve with. Roberto is a skillful architect of legal and financial structures and well versed in corporate governance and compliance. He’s an expert in identifying and developing new markets and ‘’niches’’ and has consistently been able to obtain aggressive returns from his real estate investments. Roberto’s strategic entrepreneurial leadership combined with his vision and comprehensive knowledge of business deals has resulted in the successful completion and management of every development project he gets his mind and heart into.

 Through the years, TGR has compiled a residential development portfolio, which includes: The Golden Residences at The Village, completed in 2018, an upscale condominium that consists of 140 one bedroom units for low income people over 62 years of age; The Golden Residences at Floral Park, completed in 2013, is an emblematic and iconic building of exquisite architecture that provides quality services to the elderly and consists of 160 one bedroom units for persons of over 60 years of age of limited income resources. The Mirsonia Condominium, located in upscale Condado neighborhood, includes seven luxurious 3,000 square foot units, one per floor; Paseo del Parque, a luxurious home in Los Paseos neighborhood, featured in the September 2007 issue of Modo de Vida magazine. This property was a turnaround from purchase, incurring extensive remodeling, decoration, landscaping, marketing and closing in a short eight months after acquisition.

After four successful projects, the next step is a masterfully planned strategy expanding the repertoire of projects. It is only fitting that TGR, who has carved an extraordinary niche for itself by superbly managing all prior ventures, be focus on adding high end features to affordable housing in strategic locations of the Municipality of San Juan and other municipalities through the island, which have a high demand for affordable rental housing in Puerto Rico.